We love what we do. We think you will too.
Nothing delights us more than reading reviews and emails from happy customers. Here’s a small sample of what people are saying.
Newspapers and blogs
“A must have if you’re serious about learning Japanese.”

The Huffington Post

“One of the few comprehensive programs that focus on conversation, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.... We were drawn to its attractive photos and clean interface and liked its conversational tone.”

The Wall Street Journal

“A great example of the very cool, interactive, tactile ways that well-done educational apps can supplement classroom instruction or allow for independent learning.”


“One of the best language applications on the iPhone...a breath of fresh air.”

The Los Angeles Times

Store reviews
“The writing style is genuine and interesting, and it almost feels like the conversation of a close friend. It compels one to read further and takes away any sense of learning as a chore.”
“Human Japanese is a truly superb introduction to what from the outside seems a daunting task—learning an Asian language.”
“The author does an immense job explaining Japanese in simple, understandable terms.”
“The tech support is amazing. The creators are really nice, always trying to improve their software and bring it to new places and levels. They respond immediately.”

Amazon: 4.6 / 5 (based on 110+ reviews)

“Detailed instructions, interactive guides, pop quizzes, amazing interface and seamless connections between concepts turn learning into a very fun activity.”
“A true labor of love that is well worth the money.”
“Wonderful lessons, beautiful interface, interesting cultural notes, plus the lessons and truly "human" and easy to understand. ”
The lessons are clear, the writing fun, and the aesthetic pleasing. My Japanese made leaps and bounds of improvement compared to every other site or book I have tried. Download it!“

—iOS and Mac App Stores (4.5 / 5 stars based on 1100+ reviews) for iPhone | iPad | Mac

“I absolutely love this app!”
“I’ve downloaded dozens of apps in the year or so I’ve had my phone, and this is the first one I’ve ever felt compelled to buy.”
“This is the most comprehensive language program I have ever seen. I hope they do other languages. ”
“This app aims to provide the content and quality of a college level course in the language, and succeeds.”

Google Play: 4.8 / 5 stars (based on 1190+ reviews)

From our mailbag
“Thank you so much for this app! My family and I moved to Japan from the US on short notice...This app has been answering so many questions for us! I just started taking language classes here and our sensei is very impressed with the app, to the point where she recommends it to her other students now!”

—Larissa R.

“This app is amazing. I just really love to learn Japanese with it. This is just a thank you email. Really, thank you.”

—Kassem D.

“I’m learning a lot of Japanese and I feel much more confident with my Japanese as I chat with my online friends. I owe a very big part of this confidence to the amazing way of teaching that Human Japanese offers.”

—Mirnes S.

“Human Japanese Intermediate is far and away the best language app I have used. Superbly designed, structured and presented, with just the right level of discussion. Well done!”

—Frank M.

“It is honestly the best language learning system I could have ever asked for.”

—Kayley H.

But don’t take their word for it.

There’s only one way to know if Human Japanese will click with you, and that’s to take it for a spin. Download a free trial on the platform of your choice today. We think you’ll love it.

And as always, please email us at support@humanjapanese.com if we can answer any questions or concerns.